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Remove buildup from your printing equipment without surface damage

Cleaning with dry ice offers the printing industry many advantages over traditional cleaning methods. Traditional methods are time consuming and labour intensive, so most printing facilities avoid regular cleaning. Ink builds up on frames, decks, and gears. Ink mist clogs vent slots and nozzles, in turn reducing air flow. Press speeds are then lowered, resulting in lost production and lower quality output. Ink trays used in the printing industry get easily cleaned with the help of CO2 blasting. Hard ink, dry or wet; all types of residues are removed without altering or tampering with the original shape of the trays. Whether it is glue pot, ink trays, ICEsonic dry ice blasting systems can clean various web presses like Flexography or web-fed; and are designed to help you clean hard to reach places.


· Rollers

· Feeder and delivery units

· Flexography

· Ink trays

· Gravure presses

· Letterpress


Operational Equipment Cleaning

Clean machines and electronics during operation to reduce downtime

Dry ice blasting is faster and more effective way of cleaning your operational equipment. ICEsonic dry ice blasting system enables you to remove the buildup from your equipment reducing the risk of breakdown without damaging surfaces. This cleaning method is non-abrasive, does not create secondary waste and is environmentally friendly. It improves preventative maintenance as well as inspection processes. Using ICEsonic dry ice blasting you will note reduction in production downtime and unplanned maintenance.

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Printing Equipment Cleaning

Safely remove buildup coatings that can affect registration of the printed material

ICEsonic dry ice blasting is designed to clean all presses in the printing industry. This cleaning method is a safe and efficient way to remove residues of ink, grease, oil and other buildup. Compact and strong ICEsonic dry ice blasting machines allow you to clean your equipment in-place. It does not require additional chemicals and does not produce secondary waste making it environmentally friendly and employee safe.

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Dry Ice Blasting Benefits

ICEsonic dry ice blasting equipment removes ink residue, lint from paper, grease, oil and other buildup. Dry ice blasting is a quick and cost effective cleaning method that can be used on all types of printing presses. This cleaning method reduces production downtime and minimizes disassembly of the equipment. Due to non-abrasive properties of dry ice and no use of chemicals the process is safe for the environment.

· Non-abrasive

· No secondary waste

· Minimized disassembly

· No manual cleaning

· Reduction in downtime

· Reduction of cleaning costs

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