from US$9165 (Ex Works Spartanburg) Code: SMART HD

Powerful cleaning with compressed air of 300 l / min. The SMART HD dry ice cleaning machine is made of stainless steel construction with quality components for long-lasting operation and applications in a variety of industries. They are mobile for easy transport and can withstand hostile working environments.

Type Single Hose
Blasting Pressure (min-max) 2-16 bar (30 – 230 psi)
Air Supply (min) 0.3 m3/min (10 CFM) @ 2 bar/30 psi
Air Supply (max) 2.8 m3/min (100 CFM)
Air Inlet Push in Quick Coupling ½“
Variable Dry Ice Feed (max) 70 kg/h (155 lbs/h)
Blasting Pressure Regulator Yes
Compressed Air Filter Yes
Insulated Dry Ice Hopper 10 kg / (22 lbs)
Blasting Hose 5 m (16 ft) / Heavy Duty
Stainless Steel Housing Yes
Standard Nozzle 6.5 mm (0.25“)
Blaster Size 14x22x28” (370X560X730 mm)
Blaster Size (With Handle) 14x25x41” (370x650x1045 mm)
Weight (Empty) 55 kg / (120 lbs)


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