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Mighty E

Mighty E

Code: IS-MYE

Mighty E is extremely light weight, compact and provides high performance cleaning. The Mighty E's light weight provides you with outstanding portability and manoeuvrability in all terrain.

The Mighty E has won an award from the South African Stainless Steel Association (SASSDA).

Type Double Hose Dry Ice Blaster
Touch Screen No
Automation Ready No
Air Inlet 1" Universal Claw Coupling
Housing/Frame Stainless Steel
Blasting Pressure Regulator Optional
Compressed Air Filter Optional
Blasting Pressure Range 400-1000 kPa (4-10 bar) (59-146 psi)
Compressed Air Supply 500-1600 kPa (5-16 bar) (73-233 psi)
Nozzle Air Consumption 3.0-6.0 m3/min (106-212 cfm) at 550 kPa (5.5 bar) (80 psi)
Feed Rate Up To 120 kg/h (265 lbs/h)
Hopper Capacity 25 kg (55 lbs)
Wheel Size 250mm (10")
Power Supply Fully Pneumatic
Weight 28 kg (62 lbs)
Dimensions 565x515x825mm (22x20x32")
Shipping Weight 48 kg (106 lbs)
Shipping Dimensions 560x580x880mm (22x23x35")

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