ICEsonic Mighty E

Mighty E is extremely light weight, compact and provides high performance cleaning. This machine is one of the most cost effective and preferred dry ice blasting machines on the market. Weighing in at only 55lbs/ 25kg, the Mighty E provides you with outstanding portability and maneuverability in all terrain.

The IS E or Mighty E is an Award Winning Dry Ice Blasting Unit by South African Stainless Steel Association (SASSDA).

  • Durable auger dry ice feed
  • Fully pneumatic operation – no electrical connection needed
  • Double hose design is a tried and true configuration
  • Basic design provides years of low maintenance
  • Purge switch allows you to empty hopper of dry ice
  • Light weight and small footprint makes it easy to maneuver
  • External vibrator dynamically prevents ice hopper clogs
  • Ice feed is adjustable from 55-264 lbs (25-120 kg) per hour
  • Dry ice pellet size: 1/8” (3mm) high density (or “rice”)
  • Chicago/ Universal “Claw” two prong air connector
  • Heavy gauge stainless housing for years of service
  • Blasting air pressure gauge
  • Air feed shutoff valve
  • Minimum air supply: 100 cfm (3 m³/min)
  • Minimum air pressure 90psi (600kPa/ 6bar)
  • Maximum air supply: 247 cfm (7 m³/min)
  • Maximum air pressure 135psi (1000kPa/10bar)


  • 565x515x825 mm (22x20x32”)


  • Blaster with 15’ (5m) hose: 62 lbs (28 kg)
  • Dry Ice hopper holds up to 44 lbs (20 kg)
  • Blaster with hose and dry ice: up to 117 lbs (53 kg)

Package includes:


Dual Hose 5m (15')

Medium Jet

Medium Flow Round Nozzles

Fan Nozzle

Universal Claw Adapter





ML.DH.01 - 125mm (5'')
ML.DH.03 - 250mm (10'')



Shipping dimensions: 22x23x35'' (560x580x880 mm) 19.5 lbs (48 kg)