ICEsonic IS 77S

With a unique disk-style specially coated aluminum air lock, the IS 77S is both reliable and powerful. This combination electrical and pneumatic unit features electronic controls for powerful and fully adjustable air and ice feeding, a large hopper for easy loading and multiple anti-clogging systems to keep you blasting for years to come.

  • Aluminum air lock disc with special anti-wear coating
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)-controlled 0.75 kW electric motor
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitors machine functions
  • Single hose design maximizes ice blasting speed and efficiency
  • Internal piston and external vibrator dynamically prevent ice hopper clogs
  • 1” blasting pressure regulator and air filter
  • Variable dry ice feed with LED display
  • Ice feed adjustable from 0-200 lbs (0-90 kg) per hour
  • Dry ice pellet size: 1/8” (3mm) high density (or “rice”)
  • Chicago/ Universal “Claw” two prong air connector
  • Blasting hose management system (hanger)
  • Heavy gauge stainless housing for years of service
  • In and out air pressure gauges
  • Air feed shutoff valve
  • Requires 110 V or 220 V outlet
  • Minimum air supply: 35 cfm ( 1 m³/min)
  • Minimum air pressure: 45 psi (300kPa) 3 bar
  • Maximun air supply: 140 cfm (4 m³/min)
  • Maximum air pressure: 145 psi (1000kPa) 10 bar


  • 25x19x34” (630X480X870mm)


  • Dry Ice hopper holds up to 45lbs (20 kg)
  • Blaster only: 160lbs (76kg)
  • Blaster with dry ice: up to 245lbs (111kg)

Package includes:

Blasting Applicator

Three round nozzles: 0.25”(6.5mm), 0.32” (8mm) & 0.4” (10mm)

One flat nozzle:
14” long x 1” wide (350x25mm)

15’ (5m) Hose

Universal “Claw” air hose adapter







Shipping dimensions: 31x24x49'' (800x600x1250 mm) / 203 lbs (92 kg)