ICEsonic IS 75S

With a unique disk-style specially coated aluminum air lock, the IS 75S is both reliable and powerful. This fully pneumatic unit features controls for powerful and fully adjustable air and ice feeding and a large hopper for easy loading, to keep you blasting for years to come!

  • Aluminum air lock disc with special anti-wear coating
  • Fully pneumatic operation – no electrical connection needed
  • Single hose design maximizes ice blasting speed
  • External vibrator dynamically prevents dry ice hopper clogs
  • 1” internal air pressure regulator and air filter
  • Variable dry ice feed with gauge display
  • Ice feed adjustable from 66-220lbs (30-100 kg) per hour
  • Dry ice pellet size: 1/8” (3mm) high density (or “rice”)
  • Chicago/ Universal “Claw” two prong air connector
  • Heavy gauge stainless housing for years of service
  • In and out air pressure gauges
  • Air feed shutoff valve
  • Minimum air supply: 53 cfm (1.5 m³/min)
  • Minimum air pressure: 60psi (400kPa)
  • Maximum air supply: 247 cfm (7 m³/min)
  • Maximum air pressure: 135psi(1000kPa/10bar)


  • 29x22x35” (740x575x895 mm)


  • Blaster only: 143 lbs (65kg)
  • Dry Ice hopper holds up to 55 lbs (25 kg)
  • Blaster with dry ice: up to 187 lbs (85 kg)

Package includes:

  • IS 75s Dry Ice Blasting Unit


Three round nozzels: 0.25”(6.5mm), 0.32” (8mm) & 0.4” (10mm)

One flat nozzel:
14” long x 1” wide (350x25mm)

15’ (5m) Hose

Universal “Claw” air hose adapter







Shipping dimensions: 26x22x34'' (665X575X865 mm) 165 lbs (75 kg)