ICEsonic has developed SMART LINE dry ice blasting equipment that offers a unique and cost effective solution to dry ice blasting technology.

ICEsonic innovations are in DIB equipment design, durability and engineering solutions that makes Dry Ice Blasting technology affordable for today’s economic climate.

The ICEsonic SMART LINE design benefits from the experience gained by continuous development and offers improved utility, greater resistance, higher efficiency and easier handling. The units are made from all stainless steel construction and superior components to insure many years of trouble-free operation.


Single Hose Dry Ice Blasting Equipment


Single-hose technology uses a single hose to deliver air blasts and dry ice. The single hose system can use a longer hose than the double-hose counterpart without a significant drop in pressure when the ice leaves the hose. The additional power comes at the cost of increased complexity. Single-hose systems are used when the surface to be cleaned has a heavier build-up or when the surface to be cleaned is vertical or at a greater height than the hopper and air compressor.

Dual Hose Dry Ice Blasting Equipment


Compared with a single-hose system, the two-hose system delivers ice pellets with less force than a single-hose system. Theoretically two-hose systems have a limit to the vertical distance between the machine and applicator. This limit however is well in excess of 7.62m or 25 feet. Two-hose systems are generally less costly to produce due to a much simpler delivery system and they allow finer particles of ice to be delivered with lower velocity as the late combination of warm air with cold ice results in less sublimation in the hose. The latter properties allow for more delicate surfaces to be cleaned.


Dry ice reformer


Air treatment unit



The AT 160 takes air treatment to a whole new level. The AT 160 converts hot, wet and oily air that compressors produce, through a series of filters to produce cool clean air. Moisture and particulates can compromise the cleaning efficiency to your targeted surfaces, resulting in less productive work and more downtime. The all-in-one AT 160 portable After-Cooler includes: After-Cooler, Water Separator and a Coalescing Filter. The AT 160 is designed to make your job cleaner, faster and more cost effective than before.

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