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PBR 10103 Reformer

Code: PBR 10103

The ICEsonic PBR 10103 is the ultimate in pellet to block reformers. The reformer has a unique twin press system that works together to output 2000 kg/h (4410 lbs) of dry ice. Each press in the twin press system is independent from each other meaning if one fails the other will keep operating. The reformer is controlled by an easy to use HMI which will allow you to control the total production amount, dry ice block size and can switch between manual and automatic modes.

Production Capacity 2000 kg/h (4409 lbs/h)
Type Automatic
Touch Screen Yes
Automation Ready Yes
Mould Size Shapes and size can be customized up to 254x254mm (10x10")
Mould Height Automatically adjustable up to 100mm (4")
Oil Capacity 600 l (159 gal)
Power Supply 3~400 - 440V, 50Hz, 7.5kW or 3~460V, 60Hz, 8.5kW
Weight 4000 kg (8818 lbs)
Dimensions 2900x1500x2500mm (114x59x98")

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