The SMART PRO is a light duty dry ice blaster for typical applications using common size compressors. This dry ice blaster will surprise you with its cleaning power, using as little as 10 cubic feet of air (300 l) per minute. It is easy to use, ensures no clogging, and is built with high quality.

The SMART Professional won an Award at the 61st International Technology Fair in Belgrade.

Type Single Hose
Blasting Pressure (min-max) 2-12 bar (30-175 psi)
Air Supply (min) 0.3 m3/min (10 CFM) @ 2 bar/30 psi
Air Supply (max) 2.8 m3/min (100 CFM)
Air Inlet Push in Quick Coupling ½“
Variable Dry Ice Feed (max) 40 kg/h (90 lbs/h)
Blasting Pressure Regulator Optional
Compressed Air Filter Optional
Insulated Dry Ice Hopper Capacity Up to 7 kg (16 lbs)
Blasting Hose 3 m (10 ft) / Light Duty
Stainless Steel Housing Yes
Standard Nozzle 5.5 mm (.22“)
Blaster Size 370x540x580 mm (14x17x21”)
Blaster Size (With Handle) 370x640x890 mm (14x19x32“)
Weight (Empty) 30 kg (66 lbs)


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