AT-160 ICEsonic dry ice blasting picture

AT 160

The AT 160 takes air treatment to a whole new level. The AT 160 converts hot, wet and oily air that compressors produce, through a series of filters to produce cool clean air. Moisture and particulates can compromise the cleaning efficiency to your targeted surfaces, resulting in less productive work and more downtime. The all-in-one AT 160 portable After-Cooler includes: After-Cooler, Water Separator and a Coalescing Filter. The AT 160 is designed to make your job cleaner, faster and more cost effective than before.


  • After-Cooler, Water Separator and a Coalescing Filter
  • 12 V operated fanned air cooler
  • 2″ water separator
  • 40 micron filter
  • Maximum operating pressure of 240 PSI