ISP 100A

Automatically operated dry ice reformer

Automatically operated dry ice reformer ISP 100A is unique in the industry, both in what it does, the price that we offer it at and the quality of the construction. The growing dry ice blasting industry has unique demands - high quality pellets are more critical than other uses of dry ice and demand can vary greatly from day to day. This unit solves these problems at a price that no one else can touch!


  • Simplicity
  • Simple design and operation with few moving parts
  • High Production Rate
  • ICEsonic’s ISP 100 will reform enough blocks to feed 3 or more blasters simultaneously 100kg/220lbs per hour for the 3mm die, more with larger dies
  • Low Dry Ice Reforming Losses approximately 7 % from block to pellets
  • High Density Pellets
  • Pellets are compressed with over 30 tons of force - high density pellets save you money by faster and more intensive cleaning

Shelf Life:

  • Blocks last up to 80% longer than pellets - make pellets on demand

No Wasted Dry Ice:

  • Old dry ice is easily reformed back to high density pellets


  • Don’t be forced by dry ice manufacturers to minimum pellet orders – buy just how much ice you need and make your own


  • Make pellets fresh every day – blasting pellets loose effectiveness every day they sit – if they are over 3 days old, you need our reformer – and you’ll never have to order days or weeks ahead

Interchangeable Dies:

  • Each ISP 100 comes with one die that makes one size of pellet, but you can order more and interchange them – sizes range from 1.5-19mm – uses range from blasting to shipping to entertainment


  • 3~400-440V, 50Hz, 7.5kW
  • 3~460V, 60Hz, 8.5kW


  • 1150mm L x 800 mm W x 920mm H


  • 600 kg


  • ISP 100A  Dry Ice Block to Pellet Reformer
  • Two dies, as specified by customer (1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 17mm and/or custom sizes)