SMART ICEsonic dry ice blasting picture

SMART Professional

Our SMART dry ice blaster will surprise you with its cleaning power, using as little as 10 cubic feet of air (300 l) per minute! This easily operated unit is designed for high quality dry ice cleaning on typical applications using common size compressors.


  • Powerful single hose action
  • Low air consumption (varies by nozzle size)
  • Higher pressure capable – up to 175psi (12 bar)
  • Variable dry ice feed with LED display – up to 55lbs (25kg) per hour)
  • Uses dry ice pellet size of 1/8” (3mm)**
  • Quick Coupling ½“ air inlet
  • ITT Sure-seal electrical connectors
  • Electronic blasting hose management system (110 or 220 V)
  • Stainless housing lifts for easy maintenance
  • Hose air pressure gauge, Power and Blasting lights
  • Vibrator ensures no dry ice hopper clogging
  • Air feed shutoff valve
    Minimum air supply: 10cfm (.3m3/min)
    Minimum air pressure: 43psi (3 bar)
    Maximum air supply: 53 cfm (1.5 m3/min)
    Maximum air pressure: 174psi(1200kPa/12bar)
  • Size:
    Blaster: 14x17x21” (345X430X540mm)
    Blaster with handle: 14x19x32” (345x480x820mm)
  • Weight:
    Insulated dry ice hopper holds up to 11lbs (5 kg)
    Machine only: 53lbs (24 kg)
    Machine with dry ice: up to 64lbs (29kg)

SM.10 ML.SM55.2

Shipping dimensions: 16x24x31” (400x600x800 mm) 77lbs(35 kg)


  • Dry Ice Blasting Unit –
  • 10’ (3m) Blasting Hose
  • Applicator – 0.22” (5.5mm) Medium flow round nozzle

Optional Accessories